Thursday, November 12, 2009

GHAJINI Statue Leaves Medical Experts Concerned

Aamir Khan's woes regarding the new version of the Ghajini mini statue are apparently not over. After a series of protests broke out in Maharashtra against the statue's release date, which commemorated a historical defeat of the Bombay cricket team, customers who have purchased the doll are massively returning to shops and requesting a refund.

Reports reveal that once the doll has been functioning for 15 minutes, its various features start to fail. A long time female fan of Aamir Khan returned the doll upon claims that it had tried to shove two Koiba marbles down her nostrils after she had played with it shortly.

Another sobbing teenager protested, "The dolly tried to strangle me because I was unable to sing the karaoke line 'Chaal dagmag mag dagmag mag huyee' fast enough for it to tilt its pelvis in synch".

Specialists are still unsure but suspect a severe case of paranoia and short term memory loss syndrome, which would be the first to ever have affected the toy community.

Aamir Khan is currently unavailable for comment.

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