Sunday, May 16, 2010


Rumors have been flying around Akshay Kumar’s loyal fandom in anticipation of an amazing follow-up to the super hit “Heyy Babyy” which shall release this spring. The film promises to be a first in Indian cinema. Always wanting to reach for the next level, Akshay Kumar is bringing the innovative magic of 4-D technology to a theatre near you.

Although the much awaited sequel follows a familiar story-line chocked full of handsome heroes, gorgeous heroines, and plenty of masala drama mixed in with slapstick comedy, this time AK promises to bring you an experience like no other. Sources close to Kumar’s camp tell us that the film is definitely going to make audiences a part of the action: from sneezing to wheezing to coughing, “Hayy Feverr” indeed promises to give audiences a “blast” of excitement.

“Avatar in 3-D was nice,” says the actor, “but I think my film can definitely hold its own against the blue people.” He later added, “I always want to leave my audiences with something special after they leave the Cineplex, so this time the effect will prove to be quite… contagious.”

These tidbits should keep audiences on the edge of their multiplex seats for the much awaited sequel. Be sure to bring an umbrella, as the film sneezes its way into theatres near the end of spring pollen season 2010.

Spoof article by: Joanna (edited by Aline CineHindi)

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