Friday, May 28, 2010


Saifeena, Bollywood’s hottest couple, has reached a new peak in attracting media attention and is abstaining from seeing each other in order to avoid dangerous consequences.

Just last week no less, Kareena and her beau set foot outside to buy some snacks for guests who had dropped by unexpected. The pair unfortunately had to run back empty handed as a stampede of paparazzi followed their every step, causing an earthquake of 3 degrees on the Richter scale throughout the swank Bandra suburb.

While Saif Ali Khan loudly expressed his discontent, Kareena Kapoor remained calm, is avoiding a grumpy Saif until he gets his act together and immediately consulted specialists in order  to  avoid  this type of media incident in the future.

At a press conference this morning, the actress said: “After yesterday’s unfortunate incident, I feel that Saif and I need to cooperate more with the media in order to curb their avid curiosity. If Saifeena ever plans to get married, I will be the first to provide paparazzi with the date and details even before I let Saif in on any information”.

The chotte nawab remains unavailable for comment.

And with this spoof / humour article we end our May Fools weekend series, hope you all enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed posting each week. A big thank you to Praveer and Joanna,  who played along beautifully. Keep smiling!

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