Saturday, May 8, 2010


Picture taken by: Zeineb -
Paris (PTI)
A meeting with the famous superstar Aamir Khan is a dream come true for many, but for this fan it was anything but pleasurable. The fan who requested that his name be withheld to avoid ridicule, recalled the fateful meeting with the star.

"We were led into this big room at the hotel. The table had some beverages and cookies set out, and I helped myself while waiting for Aamir." The fan who admitted to having consumed a large Diet Coke en route to the meet, said that drinking two cups of tea was a huge mistake.

"Just as I was getting up to go to the bathroom Aamir entered and all else was forgotten. We chatted and then drank some more tea offered by Aamir."

The fan claims to have spent the final two hours in some discomfort and pain. "I did not want to leave the room as I did not want to miss a single second of this once in a lifetime chance."

The fan who made a beeline for the toilet as soon as the meet ended claims to have run into Aamir as he was exiting the toilet.

As of press time the fan could not recall whether he had left the toilet seat up or down for the Indian superstar.

Spoof article by: Praveer

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